CD and DVD Encryption software: ISOCrypt for Windows

Create encrypted CDs and DVDs with ISOCrypt

If you backup your files and documents to CDs or DVDs, you don't want them to get in the wrong hands in case you lose the discs or if they get stolen from you. To protect your information from other people, you can use ISOCrypt to encrypt your CD/DVD images before burning them to the media.

ISOCrypt is very easy to use. First, you would run you favorite CD/DVD burning software (such as Nero or Roxio) to prepare the files and documents that you want to burn to the rewritable disc, but instead of burning the disc right away, you would let the software create an ISO image of your CD or DVD on your hard drive first. Then you would run ISO Crypt and follow its wizard to go through the steps of selecting the ISO image to encrypt, choosing the encryption method, selecting a password, and specifying other preferences. After ISOCrypt has encrypted the ISO image, you would return to your CD/DVD burning software (such as Nero or Roxio) to actually burn the encrypted image to the rewritable media.

After that, if you or someone else attempts to use the disc you've burnt, it will appear to contain nothing but a raw set of bytes, with no indication of its actual content. Both the contents of the files and their names and other attributes would be protected by the encryption. Only if you enter the correct password, the true content of the disc would be revealed. If the password you have entered is correct, you will be able to work with the encrypted disk in the same way as with a regular disc: you could use Windows Explorer to browse its contents, to open files it contains, including your digital music and video files, and so on. Note that the disc encrypted with ISO Crypt can currently be used in computers running Windows Vista/XP/2000 only: if you try to insert an encrypted audio disc in a regular CD player, or an encrypted DVD disc in a DVD player, the disc would not play because the regular players do not provide a way of entering your password to decrypt the discs.

ISOCrypt supports the strong encryption algorithms such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), using the key lengths 128, 192, or 256 bits, to ensure absolute confidentiality of your files. Because ISOCrypt stores your password in an encoded form using the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512), no one would be able to discover your password, even if all computers on earth were forced to do nothing else but to crack the encryption of your encrypted CD or DVD disc!

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